Position:  Youth Pastor (Part-time Conference Status, Full-time Pay)
Church/Location:  Atlanta Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church
Immediate Supervisor:  Senior Pastor
Status:  Part-time with Full-Time Pay
Wage Scale:  GCC Part-time + Church Compensation – 40 hour week.
Starting Date:  June 1, 2017

Job Summary

The part-time youth pastor is appointed by the conference to assist a Senior Pastor as they together oversee the affairs of the Atlanta Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church. The youth pastor is preparing for ordination and by virtue of ordination, is qualified to function in all rites and ceremonies, and is typically specialized in youth ministries.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The youth pastor is to be the youth’s spiritual leader and advisor.
  2. The youth pastor is to instruct and train others leaders in their duties and plan with them for all lines of youth ministry and activity.
  3. The youth pastor is not a member of the church board, but cooperates with the Senior Pastor to provide information, as needed.
  4. The youth pastor is expected to plan for and lead out in spiritual services as agreed upon with the Senior Pastor, such as Friday Night Vespers, Sabbath morning worship and Sabbath afternoon activities, and is available to officiate at the communion service and baptism.
  5. The youth pastor is expected to cooperate with the locally elected church officers.
  6. The youth pastor is to model and train members in the realm of youth ministries.
  7. The youth pastor is not nominated or elected by the church but appointed by the conference committee, which may be changed at any time. 


  • Spiritual Maturity: The youth pastor is expected to model a deepening relationship with Christ through prayerful dependence, studying scripture, having a missionary mind-set, intentionally creating relationships through vibrant leadership, all of which produces living the fruits of the Spirit – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.
  • Financial Stability: The youth pastor is expected to lead the church through conservative budgeting, practicing sound stewardship and is recommended to have another source of income for financial stability.
  • Excellence, Not Perfection: The youth pastor is expected to lead to the best of his/her God-ordained abilities in youth ministries working in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, English Ministry elders, and youth leaders.
  • Passion and Commitment: The youth pastor is expected to create an atmosphere of passion and commitment, as commitment is what fuels passion for the long run.
  • Growth: The youth pastor is expected to grow mentally, physically and spiritually along with the youth that he or she is leading.


  • Education: Minimum BA in Theology or Religious Studies. MDiv preferred, or working toward a MDiv
  • Experience:
    • Previous work with youth ministry preferred
    • Previous work with basic administrative skills
    • Previous work with students, parents and a team
    • Leadership capacity in a campus small group setting
    • Working knowledge and experience with Asian culture (optional)
  • Competencies (skills and personal characteristics that an individual should possess in order to be successful in this position)
    • Service Orientation – actively look for ways to help people in and out of the church
    • Instructing – Teaching others how to use their spiritual gifts, passions and talents
    • Speaking/preaching – The ability to talk to others to convey information effectively
    • Planning/organizing – Ability to schedule and plan future events
    • Analytical – Able to think through issues
    • Problem solving – Ability to hear all sides of an issue and come to a collaborative conclusion
    • Job motivation/initiative – Be able to work alone and be autonomous
    • Time management – Ability to assess priorities
    • Technology – Ability to easily use mailchimp (newsletter), wordpress (website) and mac office suite (preferred)
    • Must be a Seventh-day Adventist member, in good and regular standing
    • Must be willing to contribute tithes and offerings to the local church


  • Expected to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the beginning of any scheduled event to setup and prepare for worship. (i.e. Friday 6:45 pm and Sabbath 9:00 am for A/V, chairs and tables)
  • Weekly one hour leadership meeting with the Senior Pastor.
  • Attend and lead bible studies, worship services, and leadership meetings.
  • Present quarterly ministry updates and goals for the coming year to the church board.
  • Participate in a yearly job performance review.
  • Present a yearly youth budget proposal and a yearly calendar of youth activities.
  • Stay current with youth ministry practices by reading, attending youth leadership conferences, etc.
  • Preach and teach with the Senior Pastor for the English Ministry Worship Service.
  • Understand there will be an annual review to determine if he/she continues as a youth pastor.

Working Conditions:

The Youth Pastor position requires flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The position is a part-time position which requires 40 hours of work weekly. The youth pastor may select one day each week as their day off.

All employees are expected to uphold the values of the Atlanta Korean Seventh-day Adventist church and the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. Employees are missionaries, demonstrating a desire and a commitment to sharing the love of Christ with guests. Every act should be seen as a way to witness.


I have fully read and understand my job description. I intend to perform the duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability and will seek guidance and clarification from my direct supervisor if I have questions. I know of no reason that I should not be able to fully comply with the tasks, including the physical demands.

*The work hour week discrepancy with the website and the form below is due to ‘church compensation pay’ that makes this position a Full-time Pay Position.

Download the form and send both the form & resume to:  justin@aksdaem.com