Peter Hwang is currently our EM Elder at Atlanta Korean SDA Church.

He has over 17 years of total sales experience and 15 years of IT recruiting experience. He has a proven track record of building, expanding, and maintaining quality and productive customer relationships throughout his career. His strong organizational, planning, and time management skills have been instrumental in his success. Due to his excellent oral and written communication skills, along with his proven sales, leadership, management, and training skills, Peter has always made an immediate positive impact with every organization he’s been a part of. He is a highly motivated, aggressive, self-starter, and team player.

Peter is bilingual and speaks and writes both English and Korean fluently. He was born in South Korea and his family immigrated to America when he was 4 years old. He most recently spent the last 10 years working in South Korea, both as an IT Recruiter/Account Manager and running an international import/export company.

Peter enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and his 2 boys. He leads a very active lifestyle and enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and golf. Peter is also an avid snowboarder. He enjoys singing in an a cappella group and also playing the guitar.

Peter Hwang on LinkedIn.