July 26, 2016

Members Present:  Peter Hwang, Henry Park, Josh Kim, Sharon Oh, Bonar Ip, Justin Yang


  • The recommendation & consideration of getting the county permit was discussed.
  • Also our pressing need for a county licensed surveyor to come in to do the survey that is needed before we make any updates to our property. (We need a survey that is less than 2 years old and the one we have now is 25 years old.) The current estimate we have for a survey is $5500-$6500.
  • Peter’s contact (a landscape professional) will come in on Friday after lunch to see our property and give his recommendation.
  • Perhaps we’ll get a second opinion from Brian Lee’s contact who also builds playground sets.
  • Then, we’ll proceed to and reset the date for our playground takedown.
  • And then discuss our options after we get the professional opinion.
  • We also realized that it’d be better for us to work on the playground, parking and the new trailer (for additional classrooms) simultaneously and get the permission we need to proceed.
  • Josh mentioned that he has a contact (a friend) who does similar work (survey?) down in Florida – and will get information if possible.
  • It would be good for all of us to do some research into this process to get a better idea as to how we can move forward.