From July 14-16, 2017 – the EM Board Members went on their annual retreat to Helen, GA.  We’re deeply thankful to the Oh family for their sponsorship and contribution to make this retreat not only a reality but absolutely amazing.

On this particular retreat, the board members were able to come together and deeply appreciate one another and envision the future together.

On July 22, 2017 – our in-reach ministries team (Peter Hwang, Joanna Huh, Joseph Nam) coordinated a Family Fun Night for the church family.

We want to express our deep appreciation to all of our deaconesses that were involved in providing the amazing meal that we were able to enjoy together.

If you’d like to see pictures from the Family Fun Night, click here.

Then on July 23, 2017 – a group of moms gathered at Hwang’s residence to participate in a baby shower that was thrown for Eunice Chun – who is expecting next month!  We want to pray for a safe and smooth delivery and one healthy baby!