On February 11, 2017, we launched our first (of 6) Homecoming Sabbath for 2017.

Our front lobby was beautifully decorated by deaconess Hanna Cho (Welcoming and Special Events Coordinator for KM) and prepared special welcome packets for our guest who have joined us for the first time.

And we were able to introduce a couple (out of 7) of families who joined us in 2016 via Video. (VC Edit:  Joseph Nam)

And a special Valentine themed skit (On the 4 Loves) was coordinated by our very own Jin Jo. (feat. Juliet Chihaya, Kevin Yi, and David Kwak)

In the afternoon, a group of youth and young adults went out into the community and gave out free valentine roses to the people they met in the marketplace, hair salons, in the plaza and the park nearby.  (Please see the gallery below for more pictures.)

In the evening, our youth group and the praise team worked together to hold a valentine dinner fundraiser. (Coordinator. Jessica Lee)

Pictures from the Valentine Rose Outreach