Date:  April 2-9, 2017

Location:  Bangladesh Adventist Seminary & College

Mission Work:  Week of Prayer, Dental/Medical Care, VBS, Cultural Exchange etc.

Speaker:  Pastor Justin Yang

Cost:  Right now, it appears as though each person will need to raise $1500-1700 for this mission trip.  We’re in the process of seeking more donation and sponsorship for this trip so this estimate cost might drop down a little.

Mileage Fundraiser:  If you’d like to run or support the Bangladesh mission trip mileage fundraiser, click here.

Bonus:  After our mission work at Bangladesh, for those who are willing, we might head over to Mt. Everest, which is about one hour away from Bangladesh.

If you’re interested in joining this mission trip, please click the link below and sign-up!

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The pictures below are 16 most needy students who are needing scholarship to continue their studies in Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College.  If you (or your family) can sponsor one child and continue to develop a relationship with one student, that fuels hope and gives the student a brighter future.  Please pray about it and see if you can sponsor one student.

Students that are in Need of Scholarship

(Click on Picture to Get Profile)

Please click the link below and select

“Bangladesh Mission Fund” as your “Giving Type”. 

Bangladesh Mission