On this Sabbath, we’ll be celebrating with all of our graduates as they cross a very important milestone in their lives.  Come celebrate with us!


  1. 장가은 (Audrey Jang)
  2. 황백호 (Jaden Hwang ) – From Parsons Elementary School


  1. 임채원 (Katie Yim) – From Shallowford Falls Elementary School

Middle School:

  1. 김유나 (Yuna Kim) – From River Trail Middle School

High School:

  1. 김민영(Aaron Kim) – From Mountain view High School
  2. 노현욱 (Jacob Noh) – From Mill Creek High School
  3. 김조나(Jonah Kim) – From Mill Creek High School
  4. 김혜지(Hye Ji Kim) – From Mill Creek High School
  5. 이예림(Angela Yi) – From Lassiter High School


  1. 고 혁 (Matthew Gillette) – From Georgia State University